Our son started seeing Rebecca for social skills to improve his communication. We were very confident in her knowledge base and professionalism. She is extremely patient and kind with our son. Everyone has noticed improvement in his speech and language skills. Staff at his school have stopped to tell me how he will initiate a greeting as he passes them in the hall. We have also begun seeing her for private speech sessions because we have been so pleased with his progress in her group setting. –Britney, New Windsor, NY

Rebecca worked with my son who had very few words or sounds at age 2. Within weeks of introducing her program of hand signals he started making new sounds and steadily forming new words. It was like finding the key to a locked treasure chest. I used  Rebecca’s hand signal with my special needs students and got the same kind of results with them also. The combination of the hand signals and sound cues helps children with communication delays to grasp and differentiate sounds that were too elusive to them before. I highly recommend Rebecca’s hand but program. You will get results with those children that are truly struggling to make progress. –Camille Adinolfi D’Amico

Rebecca has a great pedigree having provided speech therapy services in a VBA school and also within a traditional district, in addition to performing regularly in community theatre and therefore bringing the perfect level of animation to her sessions. She is bright, inquisitive and consultative. Rebecca is always looking for and willing to try new techniques. We can see real progress that we can attribute directly to Rebecca’s work with our son, whom she has been treating for five years. She is an incredible asset and we know that we are extremely fortunate to be working with this very important member of our team. –Jennifer Santora, Campbell Hall, NY

In 2009, our son was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. When he was four years old, we were BLESSED to welcome Rebecca Robbins onto our therapy team. Rebecca had specific training in Relationship Development Intervention techniques and professional & personal experience helping children affected by autism increase both communication and socialization. In addition to working 1:1 with our son for six years, Rebecca was also able to offer us Parent Training & Counseling. We learned strategies and helpful suggestions about how to chunk material,teach “big deal” vs. “little deal”, implement positive rewards, use thought bubbles, and help our son become a more empowered learner. Initially, he had a lot of anxiety, especially around homework. Over time with practice, drill and repetition, we have learned to help him accept his increasing workload and forge ahead. Rebecca helped our son and our family work through his tears and challenges. Over time, some challenges have become his Strengths. Rebecca Robbins is fun, friendly, smart, reliable, enthusiastic, empowering, educated, and offers a great mix of personal and professional styles in her teachings. We are grateful to have her as a role model continuing to empower and educate our family! –Stacey Orzell, Goshen, NY

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in preparing a program to help individuals who are nonverbal. I joined your  speech program because I have a 24 year old special needs child who is non-verbal. She does have vocalizations but no formal speech. At times, this causes her a lot of frustration and affects her behavior. When she has a need or a want that she cannot effectively communicate, she will hit herself and pull her shirt off and items in her hands are thrown to the floor. She has other challenges as she has bilateral hearing impairment and cortical blindness. She does hear and see but it cannot be determined exactly how well she sees or hears. She is smart and determined when she wants to do something but due to her impairments she has to overcome challenges that just come natural to other individuals.
You have provided us with a program that can be learned and taught to our child to give her a more effective way to communicate her needs and wants. She has the ability to learn and you have given us the instruction materials and map for us to use to help her learn how to be more communicative in letting her needs known.
Your program is very accommodating to teaching us how to help her. Your techniques are teaching us how to help our child to learn to communicate. It is a long and consistent process but it is a guided plan for us to implement. It’s like a guided map to helping her learn what to do to be more vocal and communicate in a way that is appropriate and safe for her. You have been there for us every step of the way and have given us many ways to adapt the techniques that can be more effective for her specific needs. I know it is going to take time to achieve full speech for her but having completed your course and having the materials and your continued assistance, my child is vocalizing more sounds and responding to questions with more attempts to speak. I now feel like I am in a ship with the navigation instruments necessary to reach my destination instead of floundering without knowing  where I am or how to get to where I want to go.  I believe with small, repeated steps and your structured speech program, my child will have the best opportunity to becoming a more verbal communicator.
I thank you and truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to filling a need that I have not found anywhere else. Thank you again. – Laura Veros: Daughter, Christina (Took Course 2/2020-5/2020)

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for this and I was nervous and I had a lot of doubt that it would work with me at the helm. I think my biggest takeaway from this course has been to have confidence that I have the tools (or can learn them from the very best like Rebecca) to help my son maximize his potential. I was scared of assuming the teacher role until there was just no choice (we were going through this program during the peak of the pandemic). I have loved every second of it even when we were trying to break through an extinction burst of behaviors to get to the positive ones. Rebecca’s guidance and the way she takes the time to teach her ‘miracle materials’ as I like to refer to them has been invaluable. I am so happy that I dared to try this and am so appreciative for all of Rebecca’s time, support, materials, information, ideas, oh my goodness EVERYTHING!. There is no doubt in my mind that I won’t hear my little guy’s voice in the future (we are so close). Within a week of taking this course he was already imitating mouth movements where he hadn’t been before. Now even though he is not consistent with producing sound with the mouth movements he tries EVERY time and mimics it very well (all that’s missing is the sound). This has been a learning  opportunity for myself as much as it has been for my son. So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, Rebecca. – Christina Garcia-Rosas: Son, Jackson (Took Course 2/202-5/2020)