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  • Private Speech Therapy
    Individual & engaging therapy sessions for children on the Autism Spectrum ranging in age from 3-adult.
  • Parent Consultation Services
    One-on-one Consultation services training you to optimize your child’s growth, development, and communication at home and in the community.
  • Buddy Group
    A social skills language group teaching your child how to talk to friends.
  • Online Programs
    Teaching you how to put the power of your child’s speech back in your own hands.
  • Testimonials

    Rebecca's personal approach is key to her patients success.

    • Our son started seeing Rebecca for social skills to improve his communication. We were very confident in her knowledge base and professionalism. She is extremely patient and kind with our son. Everyone has noticed improvement in his speech and language skills. Staff at his school have stopped to tell me how he will initiate a greeting as he passes them in the hall. We have also begun seeing her for private speech sessions because we have been so pleased with his progress in her group setting.

      Britney, New Windsor, NY
    • Rebecca worked with my son who had very few words or sounds at age 2. Within weeks of introducing her program of hand signals he started making new sounds and steadily forming new words. It was like finding the key to a locked treasure chest. I used Rebecca’s hand signal with my special needs students and got the same kind of results with them also. The combination of the hand signals and sound cues helps children with communication delays to grasp and differentiate sounds that were too elusive to them before. I highly recommend Rebecca’s hand but program. You will get results with those children that are truly struggling to make progress.

      Camille Adinolfi D’Amico
    • Rebecca has a great pedigree having provided speech therapy services in a VBA school and also within a traditional district, in addition to performing regularly in community theatre and therefore bringing the perfect level of animation to her sessions. She is bright, inquisitive and consultative. Rebecca is always looking for and willing to try new techniques. We can see real progress that we can attribute directly to Rebecca’s work with our son, whom she has been treating for five years. She is an incredible asset and we know that we are extremely fortunate to be working with this very important member of our team.

      Jennifer Santora, Campbell Hall, NY
  • Helping you take your child’s communication skills to the next level.

    Remember the old adage…​ ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’.​ ..This is ME teaching YOU how to fish. By arming you with the skills and knowledge I bring to my own therapy sessions, we are working together to make a lasting impact in the life of your child.
    • Looking for an easier way to help your child?
    • Do you know in your gut that your child is capable of so much more?
    • Are you looking for a way to get your child interested in the learning process?
    • Do you find yourself saying, "I just wish I knew how to motivate him to do it."

    The Motivation Map Workshop Series

  • Help your child find their voice.

    • Do you hear your child make sounds and babble to himself when he’s alone but he won’t use those sounds to talk?

    • Maybe, every once in a while, a word will pop out of your child’s mouth but then you never hear her say it again?

    • Do you know you want your child to have more speech therapy but his school is claiming they are already giving the highest level of service?

    • Do you feel an urgency in getting your child more speech therapy because you know the sooner she gets more help with her speech the better her progress will be?

    • Do you have interactions with your child where you feel she’s trying to say something and you wish you knew how to support her attempts?

    • Do you try to help your child talk and know you could help him more if you just had some help knowing the best ways how?

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