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    Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

    Remember those good old days when your child was in EI and not only did all the providers come to you but their focus was to teach you how to do the same things they were doing so that you could do them with your child after they left? Didn’t you feel so “in the know” during that time? 

    Maybe you were even one of those lucky families who got to continue that high touch experience with your child’s therapy team during the preschool years. 

    There was no guessing about what your child was working on. You had access to the materials the team was using, and knew how to implement the strategies. You actually felt like part of your child’s team. 

    Then, BAM! 

    Your child hit school age and all that parent communication and training virtually stopped. You were left feeling like the rug was pulled out from under you thinking, “Wait! I’m not ready for this.” while desperately clinging to your child’s school communication book as your only window inside their day only to receive a note like…Johnny had a good day today. We had chicken nuggets for lunch and played outside. 


    What else did he do? How was his communication? Is he making friends? What can I do to support his learning at home? 

    Does this ring true for you? 

    I totally understand! That’s why one of the foundational values of Mind ShaperSLP is that parents are the experts on their child BUT in order to capitalize on that expertise you need the proper parent training and support.

    Raising a child with special needs can be challenging and sometimes you need the help and outside perspective of a professional along the way. You have this support when your child is at school but what about when your child is home? 

    Sometimes it’s hard to know what the right choice is when you encounter a hurdle or stumbling block. Sometimes you’re just too close to the situation both emotionally and physically to figure out the next best action.

    Or maybe, you just feel at a loss because no one handed you a guidebook when you received your child’s diagnosis. That’s where I come in. 

    Over the course of my career I’ve always loved working in the area of Early Intervention. I loved the collaboration and training that would occur between the families and the provider. One of the reasons Early Intervention is so effective is because the goal is to teach parents to continue to do the same things we do as therapists with their child after we leave. This is when real results happen in your life and your child’s life.

    The problem with the way the system is set up right now is your need for support at home didn’t magically end simply because your child is no longer a toddler. You still find yourself scratching your head not knowing what to do well into the school-aged years and beyond but have little to no opportunities to receive the help and support you need at home. 

    That’s where parent consultation services come in. With this service you’ll get that highly personalized and high-touch treatment you’ve been missing since those EI years from a trained professional with years of experience in the field. You will get personalized attention, feedback and materials that are curated with your child and family’s needs in mind so that they actually work for you. You no longer have to feel like you are going it alone. I will be in your corner every step of the way. 

    You can start today with a 30 minute complimentary session where I’ll provide you feedback on a current struggle you may be facing with your child. From there, we can discuss if continued support is the right fit for you and your family but regardless of what you choose, you will walk away from the call with some actionable ideas you can try right away. Contact me below to get started. 

    Here’s to learning and growing together!


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